This is my private web space, where you can learn a bit more about me.
See to what scale my skills extend to.
View my projects through the years.
Learn more about me as a person, and with what I can be useful for you.

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programming languages, frameworks, libraries
I have learned the language in 2001, and am still going strong with it.
Wizard is far fetched, but I do have a clear overview on styling.
Had few courses on the language and know the basics on a good level.
I've learned the library through researching on the internet.
I have a great understanding of the language and its basics.
.NET Core 2
I know the basics, and did develop an web app. I know how to upgrade an application from previous frameworks.
I am knowledgeble for my work with the framework during my web developer education.
I know the basics and a bit more. I've covered frameworks development during my education as multimedia designer.
Good understanding that extends to writing queries.
I am able to write queries from any kind, creating and modeling databases.
IDE, CMS, Graphic Design
Visual Studio
My favorite software for editing any kind of web applications.
I have great knowledge that extends to developers level and customization of the system.
I have good knowledge of the system, on a developer level.
The casual picture editing has aways been on point. I can create web design layouts, edit and create pictures.
I am and have been creating logos and vector materials for different clients.
I've worked in organization for creating materials for printing.
I am editing videos since 2007.


Most of my project are in reserve. The ones that I am showing are to present me in the light as a bright back-end programmer, and a bit of my full-stack abilities.
Dual Career
Large project, where I have created all of it. From the logo process to the WordPress view and a touch of programming.

Den Recorp
Small project made and edited with WordPress

Bachelor Final Project
Rething Human Being Game

This project contains an Angular 5 front-end and .NET Core 2 Back-End.

GitHub: pecata89/RHBGameV2
Bachelor Internship Project
Rething Human Being Game

This project containts a separated Back-End of the Web APIs and the database.

GitHub: pecata89/RHBGameV1
Music Book Movie Store
This is one of my ASP.NET MVC projects that I've created during my Back-End classes at the academy.

GitHub: pecata89/MBMStore


When your business or personal project gets to the point that it needs web presentation in any kind, here comes the knowledge that I can offer.

My name is Petko Petkov, I live in Denmark. I come from a small city called Botevgrad, located in Bulgaria. Currently, since November, 2011, I live in Aarhus.

My skills are built around web technologies. I've graduated my Web Development study in 2018 and I am eager to start my own business, help yours or to work in an established company here in Denmark.

I started with web learning at a young age, made websites for companies from my home town, and at the same time worked on my own projects.
I've Built a successful web community for dancing that lasted for 3 years.
Since the community started and up until now my hobby is dance. I am a freestyle popping dancer and recently I started break dancing.
multimedia design and web development
I have recently graduated my bachelor degree in Web Development from Business Academy Aarhus. I have extend web knowledge that covers the topics of frontend and backend.
Since the age of 12, I've been making websites for personal projects, just to get the hang of it, and later for few companies.
My skills reach many points when it comes to computers.
My favourite backend framework is ASP.NET and .NET Core, and the language that I enjoy programming most with is C#.
posibilities and alternatives
Writting HTML has always made sense to me, and to explore the web posibilities in depth was chasing me constantly.
When I first arrived in Denmark, I studied Multimedia Design and Communication in Business Academy Aarhus. There we touched topics personal reports, designs, games, code, videos.
From that education, and my early start with web technologies, I've became greatly interested in the whole process of creating a website.
So far my favourite frontend framework is Angular, its recent and I have fresh knowledge of it.
dance as a passion and day to day activity
How did I started with dance.

Future ideas around dance.

Future self development.